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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the boy's neighborhood in suisun. neighbors have spent the day by his side. he's in critical but stable within condition. they are waiting to get word on his condition. they shared pictures of him with us. he is two years old. he was inside of his suisun home when the boy shot himself with a gun. that's according to the police officers. i spoke with the boy's sister. she is shocked by what happened. she said she did not know that there were guns inside of the house. neighbors are surprised too. >> it's not something i would expect given what had happened. they were saying it's self- inflicted. i do not know what would cause him to do something like that. >> i know that my two year old did not have the ability to grab a gun and pull the
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trigger. it does not sound right. i am not accusing anybody. i do not think they could do anything to hurt anybody. >> reporter: the boy's sister was not home but she said the boy was upstairs with his parents when the gun went off. she said she does not know why the father would leave. she said he was upset and possibly wanted to hurt himself. henry you spoke with the police chief. >> reporter: the chief and the officers were counting their blessings. what started as a coffee break turned into a confront ietion.
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the video is chilling. -- confrontation, the video is chilling. the man is wearing body armor and armed with this assault type weapon. he pointed the gun at two officers at a table in starbucks. >> they were sitting in a coffee shop taking a break and they were surprised by this gunman. >> reporter: when he tried to fire the gun jammed. then an officer called in about the close call. they chased him for a block and shot him three times when he ealdly tried gun to clear his weapon of the jam. police said he was also carrying a loaded hand gun. he is in critical but stable condition. >> we presume this was premeditated. we are relieved that there was
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not a tragedy. >> reporter: a motive is not known. suisun city police wanted to ask him about the accidental shooting of his son. the boy is being treated with a gunshot wound. the incident follows fatal police shootings each and every the weekend of suspects that allegedly attacked police officers. >> i am concerned about the escalation of violence against people, period, especially open season on police officers. >> reporter: the officers that shot adam powell have been with the department for nine or 13 years. >> what are you hearing about why he may have done this? >> reporter: maybe he tried to
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provoke a confrontation. either way it's a tragic situation. >> on our website, you will find the latest on this developing story, we also have updates on facebook and twitter. a suspect at a deadly hit and run is in custody. the worker was killed at true world foods. investigators are looking for someone in a light colored pickup. they believe he was stealing wooden wooden pat -- palettes. investigators believe this truck is linked to the homicide. police have one person in custody. earlier today the police said
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it appeared that the driver may have been interrupted in the theft by the victim. there was an altercation and the driver ran over the worker. the victim's name has not been released. a plane scheduled off the runway at hayward airport. the breaks of the plane locked and it skidded on to a field. none of the two people onboard as injured. -- was injured. plans to move the raiders to las vegas are one step closer to reality. the governor of nevada signed a bill to help move the raiders. >> $750 million because of the new hotel tax and it's becoming
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a possibility. a few hurdles to clear but today's development has fans bracing for what might happen. >> thank you, lets get to work. >> reporter: with the stroke of a pen amid a signing ceremony, the raiders took another substantial step towards relocation. >> this is an epic day for the future of southern nevada. >> reporter: the team owner mark davis did not speak but clearly he's all in on the vegas dream. >> you can make the league an offer that they can not refuse. >> reporter: vegas fans dreaming of tail gates and touchdowns and other benefits. >> is going to be busy. >> if it's not working in oakland give it a shot in vegas.
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>> reporter: today's news cuts differently closer to home as raider nation comes to terms with the probability of losing the team. >> i raised my son to be a fan. he texted me that they were going to nevada, i wanted him to be wrong. >> i hope that the nfl will not vote to let them go, we lost them once and got them back, we got them back here. this is where they were born and they are going to be raised and die here. >> once a radar, always a radar. i love my -- once a raider always a raider, i love my team. >> reporter: clearly people are upset. it's not the same trying to go to the games in las vegas. the raiders left oakland
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and went to la. the rams moved from la to saint louis now they are back in la. it seems like the owners can do what they want. >> now that the financing in place, the onus falls on the owners. you need 24 yes votes to get approved. it's not a done deal yet. it's not a rubber stamp. we have a guy like kraft who came out over the weekend and said, a couple of years ago i would have said no way las vegas but now i am onboard. owners are starting to say, i am okay with las vegas. that's a major shift in consciousness from where we
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were a few years ago. >> you said a few things go into the owners decision making process. >> one of money, you need fans for any football game. in las vegas, you will have a huge amount of visiting fans. that will help. merchandising, cash flow, there is so many things. but if it makes the nfl money that's one thing. the second is the brand. there is gambling and the other issues with las vegas that have kept professional sports out of the area. people are softening on that and the nfl is closer to admit that gambling matters in their
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line of work. it's at the fabric of the nfl. yes, they have a plan, oakland does not have a plan, that's also something. thank you. coming up, the sage is set for the third and final presidential debate. we are in las vegas with a look at what we can expect. >> the rain is done. what can you expect for the rest of the week. >> up first, new developments in a murder trial. >> i hope he finally says something, we want closure
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jury selection began in san jose in the case of sierra lamar who vanished on her way to school in 2012. jurors gasped when they learned the trial of antolin garcia- torres could take six months. the body of sierra lamar has never been found. >> will the jurors think it's overreaching to seek the death penalty. they are going to point to other missing persons cases where people were preemed dead
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but they were -- presumed dead but they were found alive. each juror filled out the questions or a question to be excused. they will return net week. the start of the case has been delayed for years with many changes in judges and defense attorneys. we spoke to the family and friends of sierra lamar. >> reporter: in southern santa clara is a small town of morgan hills. it has 41,000 people. it's a suburb of silicon valley. at this intersection there are pink ribbons symbolizing the search for sierra lamar. >> there is a sadness here that you cannot help but feel. >> reporter: a lingering
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feeling full of questions. this is where the 15 year old would catch the school bus. on march 16th she never made it. a desperate search ensued. no sight of her but authorities found her cell phone and her bag tossed in a field 2 miles from the bus stop. >> there has been 150 searches 55,000 person hours involved in this from the beginning. >> i pult myself in their shoes. it's something that a parent should not have to go through. >> reporter: this group was among the original searchers. they were united in the search to find the high school sophomore. her best friend, a year older than her, is now graduating
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college. >> the hardest part is knowing, you cannot wake up and call her and say, do you want to hang out. you are 21 now, lets experience stuff together. it's hard to not have her experiencing these firsts. >> reporter: authorities arrested antolin garcia-torres calling it a stranger abduction. investigators pointed to his dna on his clothing and her dna was found on his car. he pled not guilty. >> it's overwhelming grief along with being in limbo. >> reporter: her father saw antolin garcia-torres for the
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first time recently. there were markings on her clothes indicating that she windows dragged. he has a hard time looking at him in court. >> i try to focus on what is happening in the courtroom. i do not look over there very often. >> reporter: recently he has been able to watch home videos of her even though he may never know what happened to her. >> i have tried to come to terms with maybe never knowing that. but, i am still trying to find out. >> it's so sad. it's so horrible that he would come to that. that he would have to conclude that but he is right. >> reporter: this man's 12 year old daughter was kidnapped and killed by a stranger that
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confessed to the crime. >> we belong to the club that nobody wants to belong to. >> reporter: the case took three years to go to trial. >> am i shocked by the glacial pace of the justice system? no. we have a broken critical justice system. >> reporter: a system that he says plays to the defendant. he expects that defense attorneys will try to discredit disssh sierra lamar -- sierra lamar. a committed group of a dozen volunteers meet once a month to search for sierra lamar, all of them searching for answers. >> we just want closure. >> reporter: as for her father,
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he hopes for justice although he said he lost a part of himself the day she was taken. >> it's never fall closure. it's only going to be helpful answers. >> reporter: prosecutors also charged him with attempting to kidnap three other women in morgan hills. the family said they want the death penalty if he is found guilty saying it fits the crime. jury selection begins two days from what would have been her 20th birthday. so drying out today. if you noticed it. up in the water sheds i went out looking for water falls in marin county. there is not a lot moving. the rain was absorbed, that's what you would expect this time
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of year. it's been dry. the water is being absorbed in the plants. the fire danger is not as critical as it would otherwise be. the rainfall accumulations, these are regular spots, 2- inches here. danville, 4 inches the rain. in the santa cruz mountains 5 inches the rain. 5 inches in marin county. this is the work force building. look at big it is. look at the bay bridge. sky line in san francisco here. there is the clouds. that's the weather to the north of us. the high pressure is building in. we saw some rain falling north around eureka, for us it's dry, temperatures tomorrow are going
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to be in the upper 40s and lower 50s. daytime highs tomorrow like today. it's going to warm up as we move through the week. i will have that forecast for you when i return. >> early signs of winter in the sierras. snow was coming down creating dangerous driving conditions. the higher elevations got a foot of snow. squaw valley got a few inches enough for a test run. the resorts hope for a strong ski season. >> coming up, dozens of inmates on a hunger strike. >> they cannot get the proper high gene or clothing. >> why they saying that they are living in unfair conditions. >> the coach talked about the future of colin kaepernick. >> new information about a
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suspect that was killed in a shooting that sent a san francisco police officer to the hospital
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san francisco police officer shot friday is recovering in the hospital. meanwhile we're learning more details about the suspect who officers say died yesterday. surveillance video shows a 26- year old inside a big phi short -- sporting goods store friday night. he fought with skaurt and then ran off.
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later shooting the officer in the head. the suspect was surround understand near stern grove. he later died in the hospital. the officer is said to be suffering some pair lasz on one side of the body but doctors are hopeful he may regain move. the deadly involved shooting is rare occurrence according to the mayor. the shooting happened early yesterday morning at a home on chais street. residents called saying a man was at the house screaming that he wanted to kill everyone inside. officers arrived and managed to get that man, the 32-year old man on to the street. police say he moved toward officers with a metal rake. officers say they tried to stop him with a tazer but he kept moving toward them. that's when another officer opened fire killing the man. today mayor matthews called it is incident a tragedy and says the city is morning the loss of a community member. it is adele time for the police
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department. inmates in santa clara county began a 2-week hunger strike to protest what they say are unfair conditions. 125 inmates refused to eat today. they say they sent a list of demands to the sheriff last month but she hasn't responded to them yet. among the things they want changed, the way the inmates are classified for housing and the handling of solitary confinement. also demanding adequate clothing. >> the sheriff's office takes all those things seriously. we currently have a reform plan in progress. >> reporter: the santa clara sheriff's office says that some reforms are underway. inmates get 6 pairs of underway a week instead of just two and the amount of time spent outdoors has been doubled. meantime the un eaten food was taken to the salvation army. ktvu news at 6:30 is coming up next.
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donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready for the third and final presidential debate. up next the indicateest. a fertility doctor speaking out about the technique that uses dna from 3 people. also a plea for help to a san francisco couple expecting a baby after a fire fortsz them to find a new home. ktvu news the 6:30 is next. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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now to today's top stories. an investigation is underway in vallejo after two officers failed an failed ambush attempt at the starbucks off interstate interstate 80. they were confronted by a heavily armed man. he tried to shoot them but his gun jammed. the officers chased him for a block and shot him three times when he althdly tried to clear the weapon of the jam. he is hospital in critical condition. a suspect who ran over a worker -- about 9 on 90 minutes ago police surrounded this white pickup truck. the truckdriver may have been interrupted by the victim while trying to steel pallets on williams street and ran over him. the vict's


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